Wednesday, 9 September 2009


The slide show is some of the snaps taken.
A visit to Gareth’s to share some pre-birthday celebrations and of course do a couple of walks.
The seasons are definitely changing although the weather performed admirably and shone throughout both days.
The signs though through nature were very clear, the browning and wilting of the bracken, the leaves on the Horse Chestnut trees, along with the fruiting trees and bushes.
Gareth had a great crop of plums and apples which I have returned home with a large bag of each.
The lanes displayed heavy branches with damsons, blackcurrants and elderberries a wine makers dream.
Two walks with the one this morning with a mission…mushrooms, sun shone the grass was wet so apparently an ideal time.
A crop collected and duly feasted upon for lunch.
Have a good one tomorrow Ga Happy Birthday!

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