Sunday, 19 July 2009

Rhos on Sea

Due to various personal circumstances a late start on Sunday was decided and we met at 1600 at the slip at Rhos on Sea.
Ga arrived and I could immediately see the stress in his face along with several explicits coming from his mouth it was clear something was amiss and yes it was his spray deck.
Some suggestions and luckily I had my large storm type cag which has a spray deck loop on it, well done Brookbanks and it did well throughout the paddle.
Its an additional layer which is so large it fits over all your kit and is also ideal for when you stop to keep the wind off.
We set off towards the Orme and met four other paddlers, one guy from Yorkshire, one from Crewe and a lady doing her 3 star.
We were against the wind and tide but no particular problem although it was fairly bumpy.
It was like continuing from Mondays lesson for John and he did very well.
Some swell and winds with constant waves.
We went around the Little Orme and had the full force of the winds and likewise on the corner the clapotis.
As we faced into the bay at Llandudno the sea did appear a bit bubbly and John decided on the option to turn about.
Just around the corner away from the winds and a quick brew and the normal reassurance that all were happy and this is pleasure and not an endurance or test of nerves.
A quick chat and Ga had convinced John to go around again and just practise some turning and get more confidence.
John agreed and after a while we set off back.
Loads of fish jumping they looked like Mackerel so hand line out only to be tormented by fish jumping next to use.
A swell to take us back and again that feeling with the waves behind to get John comfortable in such conditions.
Within a short distance from landing suddenly surprised as more or less inches from my right paddle a huge Bass lept out of the water, unfortunately not within my spray deck for a possible fish supper.
A fantastic effort by John only his third or fourth time on the sea and as he said he never went in!

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