Monday, 13 July 2009

Menai Straits with John

Plans made for Monday as unfortunately the gang were not free over the weekend.
The forecast did not look promising and there had been some high winds, we decided though that we would find some shelter or likewise have a play and do some rescues etc.
Johns first outing in his Capella so again some consideration to get him familiar with such and get his confidence in the new boat, its quiet a step up from the Dagger.
We decided to use cover from the Southerlies and launched just past Caernarfon Castle heading down the Straits, with the wind and tide we flew down but fully aware of the trip back and the wind over tide scenario.
A quick stop in a small lagoon, a retreat from the winds.
It was stirring up and there was plenty of small white horses and some choppy seas in the shallow areas.
A slog back and a great way to get Johns confidence up, loads of hull slapping and a wet ride back.
Strong winds rain what more can you ask for.
Ga and John had a play at the end, edging, support strokes, and John did his first exit for a T rescue.
Boats on the cars, soaked, Johns car remote wet and the car would not start!
More than one lesson learnt today.
Just as we were about to set off bloomin sunshine and calm sea, which were clearly visible along the homeward journey in fact some oily conditions near to Colwyn Bay.

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