Thursday, 18 September 2008

The Ormes

We were unable to paddle on this forthcoming Saturday so with personal commitments sorted Gareth could make this Thursday.
Fortunately Dave was also off having taken a couple of days leave so it was sorted.
Weather forecast was good as with the tides and as Dave had made mention on our last paddle we went for the Ormes.
Launched from the Morfa, a clear and wind free start, a big tide and on entering the river we endeavoured to ferry glide across to the West Shore and use the eddy to take us out to the Great Orme.
Well that was the master plan, paddled furiously to get over, sweat like a blooming pigs, so much for the gentle warm up!
Landed in order to remove clothing, Ga and Dave were cag free and I changed into my sleeveless cag, off again.
Saw a guy from the Snowdonia club having lunch on the rocks as we approached the Orme, continued into the Ormes head followed by a huge bull seal, it followed us for some distance.
Over the bay and to the Little Orme were we came across two porpoise, fantastic site and at one stage they came past our boats and you could hear the blow holes.
Into the bay for lunch and then back on with the tide home ward bound.
Saw the porpoise again and then flew back to the Great Orme, we were turning for Conwy at the point the sea came to life again with a shoal of sea bass feeding.
Lovely oily seas and a slog back in as yes this time the flow was against us.
Tea in Conwy as we were meeting Peter for our rolling lesson in PYB at 1930.
A fish and chip tea in Conwy which not having had such for ages was beautiful.
A couple of hours with Peter and yes I did roll hey it was one but from little acorns etc.
A long and tiring day but with fantastic weather and company up to our lesson .
Many thanks to Peter for his time and patience.

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