Sunday, 8 June 2008


Set off from Prestatyn at 5pm you know early start and an early finish.
A platter of sandwiches from Sainsbury’s and a few bottles of sparkly.
Only one stop before Chester so all had to be consumed within the short journey, some surprised faces on the train mind you the ladies looked like a scene from Sex in the City.
A few bars, met loads of people from Paul Ollies, Amy Broomhead and others not known to me.
Also invited to share a tent in one bar by this poor and surprised couple who eventually realised there were 8 of us.
Never met them before but lifelong friends for the evening.
We got split up some 20 mins before the train was due to arrive, so two separate groups headed for the station, a big panic as the others rang to say they were already on the train, and then they were off.
We found our train and off we went with Neil on board, where’s the rest of them mate?
Another call they were on route to Wrexham!!!!!!
Arrived in Prestatyn 11, ish and well a quick one in the local well we had to wait for the others to get back by taxi at £40, ooops.
The devil then took over and we were drawn to the kebab shop.
One very 5-10 years is not bad!
Home supper, bed, up and headache.

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