Wednesday, 20 February 2008

A paddle of two halves if that makes any sense.
We decided on a one way due to tides and winds so we set off from the relative calmness of Rhos on Sea.
It’s been some time on the sea and it felt like it.
Firstly by the baboon launch from the concrete slip.
Rushed things and ended up side onto the waves so out again and set the boat up properly.
Ga said that he initially felt wobbly so off we set to blow those cobwebs off.
Great conditions from Rhos through to past the pier at Llandudno.
Loads of Guillemots on the cliff faces of both the Little and Great Orme, there back in town!
Saw three paddlers on the start of the shuttle run although I assume they launched from Llandudno, saw them driving away in the distance whilst we were about a ½ mile from landing.
Wind started to pick up once we rounded Pen trwyn, went from a SW to a strong Westerly.
So wind over tide great.
Head down and we paddled on, took sanctuary in Hornby cave, a couple of handfuls of mixed nuts and chocolate and set off wondering what was around the corner.
Strong winds and a completely different sea.
Zig zagged back in using the waves; they had now picked up considerably and breaking.
Back into the West shore, just under 10 miles, a testing first paddle with many different conditions.

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