Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Great Orme Llandudno

Great Orme, Llandudno but with a difference land side.
A regular paddle of ours so we decided to walk around it today, parking up on the West shore and walking up and along into Llandudno for lunch and then returning to the car.
Strange to see the sea from a different perspective and loads of both wildlife and vegetation.
We also discovered that the turrets we have seen on the coast line were part of a gunners training camp.
Spotted a Kestrel, and some Choughs, and although not a, is it a twitcher it was great to see them.
Thanks once again to Ga and is incredible knowledge of such.
Also some wild common cabbage, and juniper, carline thistle, the cabbage tasted like sprouts.
Interesting to observe the sea and flows from above, with the tide, winds and confusing sea state where we have on several occasions had to fight through the corner in order to find some shelter further on from the West Shore side of the Orme.
Cold but clear and the sun managed to break through.
A total of about 6 miles as the GPS packed up in the town centre, another great tab.

Juniper plant

Carline Thistle

Views out to Penmaenmawr

Local Orme goats

Bus tours

B&B available great sea views

Common Cabbage

Our usual paddling lunch spot

Sun breaking through

Llandudno pier

Interesting rock formations

Thats the sun shining through



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