Thursday, 27 December 2007

Conwy Boxing Day Paddle

The call went out some weeks ago and although fully dependant on the weather I was desperate to get out after the excesses of the festivities.Boxing Day the preferred day and mails to all, Gareth and I were certainties although we had a last minute hiccup from Mother who felt that our kayaking exploits came before a family gathering.So looking at the forecast a week before with high winds fore casted it was looking somewhat unlikely that a paddle was on.So keeping Mum happy; options were fully discussed and the plan was made, 1. Reasonable weather, paddle return to mine for food all are happy, 2. Poor weather no paddling to mine for food everybody happy apart from Ga and I.Mails and texts sent and it looked like we had both Mike and Mark keen to get out, in fact both as enthusiastic as us.Winds fore casted up to 25 on the Island and only 15 at Conwy, so with high tide of 1200 and taking into account at least an hour at the top of the river we met at Benarth and went up the Conwy at about 1030.Strong winds with the classic wind over tide waves we struggled up doing 8 miles to Dolgarrog, a quick lunch and then back with wind and tide, went up the cut to Bodnant gardens and then back to the launching site.
Saw a variety of birds, a Buzzard, Ravens, Sparrow Hawks and Curlews; make a twitcher out of me one day!Warm and no winds at the end making for a great 16 mile paddle with good conditions and likewise great company.Possibly the last 2007 paddle before 2008.A great day out.


We all caught the sun

Snow on the tops

Dolgarrog Bridge ahead

Lunch spot

Cheers not our best photo Mike

Back home guys

Tal Y Cafn

Access to Bodnant

Conwy Castle

The end

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