Sunday, 21 October 2007

No Ice-creams at Benlech! Saturday 20 October

After this Fridays paddle without him and discussing our options with Gareth for Saturdays outing the phone rang and a call from Dave.
Dave had also rang last Friday regarding my availability for a paddle the following day.
Dave was from Colwyn Bay CC and a keen open boat paddler.
I had been on a few such trips with him the most memorable was a weekend along the Wye.
Around our age but an ex para which from the challenges of the day explains all.
Due to our plans explained where we were off to and he was more than welcome.
He said he’d been around the Orme and although now a level 2 coach had not done much on the sea.
Planned to meet at 0830 at Tryn y Penryn, Anglesey and paddle around Puffin and then over to either Moelfre or Benlech.
Ga arrived 0900 and we set off on one of the most glorious days this year.
Sun no wind and in part the sea was like oil.
First stop Puffin to a colony of seals of all sizes from pup’s to bulls.
The sea was alive and they came so close.
What an experience completely surrounded by them.
Met two other kayakers who had paddled for the mainland, Dave knew one although not his name a level 5 Sea coach, see it’s not what you know!
Off again a bit of rock hoping then our first stop for a brew and a bite to eat at an old Quarry near Brwdd Arthur.
Back on and we decided to head for Benlech, we could grab an ice-cream as it was one of those well ice-cream days.
Dave paddle with determination and it was a head down and keep up with the bugger! (see ex para kicking in)
Dodged the fishing folks dotted along the beach had a bit of a banter “could we take their lines out”
when we left that is.
I had some funds as I always carry some cash and a card you never know might need that taxi one day, walked several hundred yards to find all shops closed, like why?
So back again and we were off with a slight wind and tide, hundreds of gulls flocking and obviously feeding well out to sea.
It was evident from the shoals of whitebait that they were having a feeding frenzy.
Back through Penmon very little tidal flow well enough to discourage Dave to not want to go land side of the Lighthouse as clearly indicated on the wall, well not for Kayaks.
Back in again sun pounding down to land having done over 20 miles.
Dave’s second taster of sea kayaking, he stated that he had thoroughly enjoyed the outing and that he might sleep well that night.
We mentioned that he paddled well and that he may consider next time a more relaxed style, the bugger we had to keep up with him, he did agree and mentioned every muscle in his body thing.
Fantastic day and great to have Dave for company, he had the clubs gear and was on about purchasing kit, well another one converted to sea kayaking, we will see.

Trwyn y Penryn at 0830 Ga!

North West side of Puffin


Looks like Dave is about to consume a seal!

Puffin ahead

Big Bro

Ga come on there,s nothing to play on.

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