Friday, 26 October 2007

Bull Bay to Porthygwichiad and back 26th October

Looked at the forecast at the beginning of the week and the day we could get out it was showing winds up to 23 on the Anglesey coastline.
A bit less around Llandudno but we wanted a change, so we had two plans if others were to join us a play in the rough with rescues etc perhaps in Rhoscolyn a replica of one of the days we had on our course last year.
Replies came and as we appreciate not all have our leisurely lifestyle or likewise it was brought to my attention from Mark that they didn’t have dry suites like us.
We came up with options but due to personal circumstances it was down to the Jones boys again.
Go with tide and wind and perhaps Benlech up to Cemlyn Bay.
Met at the Travel Lodge , Bangor and off we went to Bulls Bay, the plan was to catch the slack, paddle down to Moelfre and then shoot back on the return journey.
The shuttle run takes so long.
Winds seemed good so off we went.
Just about managed to get around Point Lynas we were within the second hour of the tide and we had to paddle like..well it was hard work.
There didn’t seem much rest inshore so we battled through.
Carried on in the eddies and rather than go to Moelfre, due to beam winds we had lunch at Porthygwichiad.
Should we go around Dulas after a couple of mins we strong winds that decision was made and we turned back, the plans was to go out a bit further and let the tide take us.
Winds picked up, we saw about five Gannets and continued back to Lynas, it looked fairly flat, wrong, tried to ferry glide in a bit, I gave up and went with the flow, l was shortly joined by Ga and after a short discussion on the angle best for ferry gliding we ended up in the flow again this time joined by four porpoises.
What a fantastic experience, they were feeding within the fall and they were so close we could hear the blow holes.
Ga had my camera and attempted to catch a snap, unfortunately they are difficult rascals to get a snap of, races to catch and bearing in mind the sea state he did well to get the camera out.
Eventually gave it a left to stop us with wind and tide ending up in Ireland.
Hard work all the way back, the wind got up and it was a head down back to Bull Bay.
Met a guy who was on holiday, he had recently bought a Kayak and asked if in the future he could join us, fool.
It seems that loads of folks are going out and buying Kayaks.
Oh yes on the way home nearly two hours in road works on the A55, still Radio two with Chris Evans keeps you going.
A great day although very physical.

Bull Bay the start and finish
Point Lynas

Looks interesting Ga

Second hour of the tide can we tuck in ha!

Got through and rock hoping


Me again

Lunch at Porthygwichiad, altogether now Porth........

Can you see the Porpoise

Saw about five Gannets amazing birds

Saw about four Porpoises they were so close amazing it made the day

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