Saturday, 16 July 2016

Conwy to Puffin #Aleut Double

What a miserable and wet start to the day, summer ha!
It was forecasted so a delay in our start time.
Arrived at Cowy around 1 pm and it had stopped raining well there,s a plus.
Off towards Llanfairfechan as the visibility was poor, after a short while it cleared so Puffin bound it was.
Slight wind over tide and around Puffin, seals and Puffins which was a massive plus.
A grounded power boat very expensive, around the corner to Anglesey for a brew.
Off again towards Llan, some breaking sea so a test with the double and a beam sea, no problems.
Left turn Clive and towards Conwy with a following sea.
As the Aleut is so long it took in about 2 to 3 waves which didn't give us speed and my front seat got a tad wet, int went well int the water up and over the day hatch.
20.2 miles and another great paddle ninth double.

A misty start

Thats an expensive oops

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