Friday, 4 July 2014

The Welsh Anglo Tour Series Soltace Meet

Day 1

A new member, Peter and using my Delphin.

Ready for the paddle back am Day 2 with a headache!

Day 2 

We paddled back, had lunch then headed off to Penmon to meet "Belly" a very pleasant paddle with Puffins, seals and loads of other birds!!!!!

Gareth had to leave us so viddles from Frances and we were joined by Pete Hargreaves, so a few beers, Ian and I bailed out at midnight our previous night of excessive drink and little sleep caught up with us.

Day 3

Not an early start Belly was a tad peaky so off for a walk around the Copper Mines in Amlwch.

After the walk back to Puffin at the request of Bagder what a great day

The crew of this boat were Liverpool fuckwits, "Can we head for your mate over there in the kayak? Yes if you want to ground the boat, Oh right which way can we go? Keep your broom handle on that sail you,ll be back in no time!!!"

The end of a great paddle oooooops apart from the carry back to the cars!!!!

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