Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Welsh Anglo Tour Series, Arran Trip

A gathering of the guys with some new members, Andrew Willacy and Pete Hargreaves joining the group. Pete and I travelled up early, the later ferry at six was booked up so we went for the two o,clock one.A good drive up and Pete,s van did well with all our kit and boats. Half an hour spare so off to Asda in Adrossan for some viddles we were preparing Friday tea, spag ball it is then. Taff and his brother arrived later followed in the evening by Ga, Andrew and Badger. Ga was well crooked not well at all so fingers crossed for a quick recovery so frustrating when you have organised this and unable to fully participate he does,nt do "not well"
Leaving Adrossan
Arran ahead Captain
Our accommodation
Otters going past your front door....magic!

Day 2

A few drinks last night, kitchen duties and a rather large spag ball done, good tucker if I say so myself. A relaxed start to the day and on the water just after midday. We turned right and headed towards Brodick hugging the shore line. Otters, seals and even a pair of Barn Owels seen in the trees, fantastic.
Accommodation, road and sea !
A new TWAT
Maiden Voyage of Pete,s Menai 18
This seems to be a Willacy thing with big boats
Just under 8 miles a great afternoon

The Rockpool GT boys Days 3

Its wood!

Lunch spot 
What a ship two about and I believe some subs

Loch Ranza

We paddled there yesterday today we walked back


That,s a big rock


Look what we found

Lunch spot

Church of Scotland Corrie

A bit different from yesterday

Mike Webbs new shop

Holy Island Trip

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Dr Blug said...

Looks like ya'll had a good time apart from the weather!