Monday, 17 March 2014

The Welsh Alpine Tour Series

Gareth arranged some time ago to go and visit his good friend Walter over in Bavaria. He had originally invited me and I gracefully declined. He booked flights with Yoz and the plans were made. Unfortunately due to some family commitments Yoz was unable to make it so I thought I would take advantage of his air ticket and Gareth went on line to that great air company yes Easyjet, seemed fairly easy well what is there to do but pay for the £35 admin charges each way......wrong the ticket had gone up in price so I had to pay the full price, bar stewards! Anyway its only money and I booked the tickets and we where set to leave Friday afternoon, that's the  28th February from Manchester.
I had been to Walters back in 2006 and I fell totally in love with the area.
Walter lives in a small village just outside Traunstein its where the last but one Pope came from see its famous.
We arrived in Manchester to discover that the plane was delayed by one hour, Not a big problem and a relaxed hour or so people watching. I suppose the clue was to see some of Britain's finest boarding the plane with Burger King paper hats on, deep joy. We soon discovered that this plane to Munchen contained a diverse bunch, from Newcastle idiots to Manchester's brain dead, it makes you almost feel proud. One guy decides to try and go to the toilet as we are taxiing, he is duly told off only to go back to his mates change seats to the window and then plainly pisses in a bottle.
The convention of brain surgeons continue to get plastered and on landing it gets better, about 4 seats away I hear from our right, " You OK Shiela after that landing?" Partner replies for all the plane to hear, " She was shitting herself"  Lovely.
A pleasant Friday night with Walter and his friends at the local watering hole, back for some more beers and a little Schnapps

Saturday mornings view from Walters front door 
Saturdays walk

Kids and their mobiles!

This couple were well int their 70,s

Our watering hole, coffee and some plum strudel with vanilla sauce food of the Gods

St Davids day Austria in the background

Walter did the last section home by sledge we where asked but it was sheet ice and our experience is limited!

A great day a tad longer than expected.

Day 2

This area is dominated by logging to support the salt mining, once the depleted the forests they moved on!

A great walk and another fantastic day in Walters company

What a place the owner is famous for being grumpy if he takes a dislike to you he has been known to throw you out

Lunch time snacks

Day 3

Walter dropped us off at our accommodation in Ruhpolding and then took us to the start of our next walk where we said our thanks and goodbyes, what a gentleman.

 The sun brought out many of the local plants
 The start was very steep so we should have taken it easy well we are the Jones boys and did our normal head down 4 wheel drive engaged and off we went

 Ga they have snow shoes on!
 We did,nt and decided to do an about turn it was well over our knees
 Selfie my best mate, love him, he,s my brother

 We originally planned to get the bus back but walked back
 A well deserved beer at the local ski slope
Wonder how the Krapfen tasted?

Another long day but our legs where growing stronger each day.

Day 4

A local bus up the road and a relatively flat walk for 6 miles then a climb. Lots of snow making walking on the flat a tad of a pain in the bum.

 A stop after 6 miles

 Is that a rock or a prop out of Labyrinth?

Gareth s in Bavaria whilst I,m in Austria

We walked back and there was a pub opposite the bus stop, we had missed the bus by 5 mins so we had planned to refresh ourselves, wrong the pub was closed so a slog back into town, we picked the bus up an hour later, it had been a long day so we decided to get some refreshments.
we stopped for a snack in the square, picked up some provisions and ended up in a Star Wars bar, the locals were bladdered, Gareth did well and had a conversation with a guy who was on his 8th glass, they mark an X on your beer mat!

I,m Ga and he,s........pissed

Our Last Full Day

We wanted to visit Traunsein and re kindle the memories of the great ales in the brewery so hey its only 10 miles or so down the valley we can walk there have a few and get the local train back. the sun shone and it was a great end to this fabulous break
 The path followed the river and railway down the valley, it rained but only a slight drizzle

 Our transport home

 This was a photo in the pub where we dined on fine pork and drank great ales

Trains back to the airport the following day which it ironically peed down, we had been so lucky with the weather. A fabulous week with thanks to Walter for his hospitality, three nights of drinking Winter beers! Thanks for the accommodation and lifts to various places.
As the saying goes....." I,ll be back"

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