Saturday, 4 January 2014

Colwyn Bay Paddle

With the days previous high winds and big seas the original plan was to go up the Conwy, on route the sea looked so inviting so off the A55 and we launched from Colwyn Bay. The tide had some time to come in but it was relatively close to shore which is a bonus for carriage.
Still getting familiar with the Taran 16 and got caught sideways whilst launching, it still feels tippy but I did,nt get wet. Used the Greenland paddle today and with Ga,s recent quals gave some advice on how to improve my paddle technique.
We went off towards Lladulas, off shore winds picked up but the 16 handled well, we decided to head back towards the Little Orme.
Ended up fairly far out, so headed back in against the wind and waves, the 16 loved it, it appears to handle and settle as the conditions get worse.
Off towards the Little Orme we intended to have a look around the corner but the flow was picking up and some effort to get back past this point.
Lots of waves but we remained static so had to put heads down and PLF.
Back towards Rhos and even now some hours into the ebb the levels on shore had,nt gone down much.
Back to the Bay some 11 ½ miles after, typical Jones paddle no rest and very little to drink.
Again the sea remained close in so not much of a carry.
Need to sort out getting out of this cockpit it nearly ends with me going arse over tit and falling in.
What a paddle first of the year, lots of body rotation and straight arms avoiding arm fatigue all pushing away and no pulling as I use to do.
“Getting there” as they say in South Wales

Towards the Little Orme

My Aldi fishing gloves, thick but warm.

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