Thursday, 20 June 2013

On my doorstep

I have often walked along this stretch of coastline and admired the old lighthouse at Talacre but its an area I have never paddled. There was an interesting program on last year highlighting the variety of wildlife within the estuary so lets get out there. As they say you don't appreciate whats on your doorstep. Great conditions loads of waves on our beam its a shallow bar and there,s always white horses so a great way to gain confidence as if you go in your still standing and the shore line is a stones throw away. Into the estuary spotted by a large grey seal and surprised to see how near Hilbre Island is so plans to bag that soon. An great evening and less than a mile away for launching!!!!

My fleet was out today

Where off

Into the estuary with Mostyn Docks in the background

Hilbre Island 8 miles from the launch site so one to do soon

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