Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Jones Boys Pembrokeshire Tour 2013

Pembroke Tour
4-9 May

We endeavour to get out in May and its usually been trips to the West of Scotland. As the time approached the forecast was scrutinised and it had a combination of high winds, rain and snow over the bank holiday period so we looked at the option of Pembrokeshire.
As Saturday approached the decision was made and Gareth did some preliminary bookings firstly with the YHA at Poppit Sands in Pembroke.
A fairly quiet trip taking into account that it was a bank holiday weekend and after about four hours we arrived outside the hostel.
Its up a single track road and overlooks the spectacular bay, parking is limited and its a bit of a juggle, get there early and you can expect to leave late although there is a contact book in the hostel, hey we are on holiday but worth thinking about if you ever needed an early dart.

The only complaint was the lack of hot water so an invigorating shower to get rid of any thought about those young Spanish holiday makers!

The winds were strong on our arrival and also the tide times were pants, if your not aware the Bay can lead to a big walk on the ebb so we decided to go for a walk along the Coastal path.
This would have been reviewed if the wind had been offshore, it was strong and luckily caused no problems, the path is stunning buy very close to the edge.
A very windy and pleasant walk with some great cliff's and an insight into tomorrows paddle.

Day 2

A leisurely start and then on leaving a car down By Poppit sands, free as the car park was under repair that weekend and off to Newport to a dull and windy beach.

The winds picked up and although with the flood and wind it made for some interesting swells which on occasion brought in big breaking sets, you had to concentrate and the conditions did,nt allow for cave or rock hopping.

Back to the YHA for the last night so a BBQ together with refreshments. We made contact with Taran and the loose plan was to meet him at Abereidde the following morning.

Day 3

Our only plans were to meet Taran at Abereidde which we did and it was a glorious day. We were to head for St Davids prior to the tide turning but firstly a right to see some coves and caves.

A fabulous coast line and we whilst in a bay a shout from a paddler, "Are you Dave and Ga?" It was Brian a mate of Belly,s and the Liverpool CC meet, its a small world!
Off towards St Davids and against the tide still a good work out, the head was flowing well and we turned back and Ga showed us the Blue Lagoon.
A brew and some nibbles with Taran a great day and good to meet him again.
Off to the next accommodation Llety Caerhafod lodge, a bunk house only a couple of miles away.
£17 a nigh a great place I would highly recommend this place.

Views from the outdoor area.

What a way to end a great day

Day 4

Off to Porthgain and the forecast was not looking good, I also had a blip, no camera and the GPS gave up after about 6 miles, again spectacular coastline and Ga had an attempt again at feeding some fish.
Some cave hopping and through some great narrow gaps.
Another good one and then back for a BBQ and contemplating the next few days.
The coast guard had given out a warning of "Rough to Very Rough"
Might be boots instead of paddles tomorrow.

No sunset this evening

Day 5

It was as forecasted a very windy day so boots on and off for a walk, we left the cars at the lodge and set of more or less following the course of yesterdays paddle so an opportunity to catch up on those photos.

Fantastic flora along the path

Star Trek Tribbles

Yesterdays lunch spot

Windy City

We went through that as well

A great cup of coffee from Rachel and a long conversation with her a star!

After the walk it was off to Mums and then home on Thursday a great few days.

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