Saturday, 16 March 2013

Weekend at Mums

Arrived on Friday evening to see me Mum! Saturday for a small tab a short distance from Port Talbot, we came across it by chance although there had been a sort of plan. This area has had loads done to it and the main reason is for MTB,ing. A few photos prior to the camera going into waterproof hiding. Sleet, snow and torrential rain but a very pleasant one and we had the rugby to look forward to!

Loved the green created by the moss


 Well what a pleasant Saturday and we watched a stunning game of rugby between Wales and I think England turned up, it was a massacre so a few beers and on Sunday we drove out towards the Gower the plan was to walk along the coastal path to Worms Head but we ran out of time a glorious day.
A great day a great walk a fab place
Salt Works

                                                                         Red Kite

                                                                         Just born
Left, right!

                                                    Any of you lads lost a paddle?

                                                      Not just us there some more fossils

                                                                        Wild garlic


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Dr Blug said...

See Ga's got a new paddle!