Saturday, 10 November 2012

Its seems like absolutely ages since I last paddled in fact it was the holiday in Sicily. I was and had started to get the paddle shakes so when Mike Bell rang to arrange a paddle I was raring to go. He made the plans, some others contacted and we were away. Due to unforeseen circumstances he was unable to make it so after some deliberation we stuck to the venue and the four of us met on a dull and wet Saturday morning. Keen to paddle well if measured by rainfall we were in the top ten. A pleasant lunch stop and back dodging through the sailors.

I wonder if there is a pot at the end of that?

Those two young ladies in wet suits came very close to us we did,nt  really notice them too much yeah!!! 

Met a group from Sheffield Kayaking club a quick chat and they were away.

Love Pete,s cap blob a dob!

What a feast donuts and some great cheese bread from Pete, hot chocolate supplied by me together with some stollen. 

Guys we need to get there fast

Drunks moved on for us to use this shelter and I kid not

Ex Commando with gloves OK mine were in the car

Trying the Formby Finger

Pete does his end of paddle display

Pete are there not easier ways to get out?

Typical peed down whilst we unpacked and out the boats on the cars for this to happen, great light

Dinorwic sailing club

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Mike Griffiths said...

This post is featured on the Sea Kayaking News Page - love the photographs.