Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Windy Straits

The drive along the coast to Y Felinheli revealed squally seas along the coast with lots of white horses. We were looking for some cover along the Straits. A group gathering, consisting of MTJ, Dave Flower, Belly and Ga. On arrival it could be clearly seen that the flow was being affected by the winds with clear signs of wind over tide. The winds were strong so off we set straight into the flow, great fun, a wet ride taking our minds away from the slog. Not many camera opportunities as the wind would take me well back. A spot of lunch near the van at Caernarfon and I had an attempt at fishing no joy. We had decided to go further on and we all left and again went into the choppy flow. It had picked up and the winds increased, it caused MTJ to turn right and he was unable to straighten up so off he went like a rocket, Ga was unable to turn so I joined him. Regrouped and as we went past the Castle with the fish jumping the three of us rafted up whilst I attempted to cast out with a lure for bass. The raft did well leaving me to fish, Dave asked if we would be ok with just the two of us, we stated yes and watched him break away only to see in slow motion him catching a wave and taking him over. We laughed and confirmed that he was ok. With the rod out we made sure that all was packed away and turned around to go and get Dave back in. A few moments later normal paddling resumed followed by chastisement and impressions of Dave asking us if we were ok in rafting up prior to his dunking. Surfed back and more fun as Mike became stuck in the mud! A great day one swimmer, still smiling and one nearly swimmer as in MTJ.

I,m stuck!

Lunch spot

The start/finish

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