Saturday, 11 August 2012

Aberdaron to Whistling Sands and Back

Off on Friday so straight to Mike Bells Caravan site where Ga and the gang had been all week, its on a great small and quiet site near to Rhiw on the Lleyn Peninsula near to Hell,s Mouth a fantastic area.
Got slightly lost but that's a Garmin tale.
BBQ and some beers and red wine and an open fire a great evening with all thanks.
A sun shone as we woke up so a leisurely start, Ga and I went to Aberdaron, complete chaos there as usual but we launched into clear and smooth seas.
If you look at the map trace we rock hopped and hugged the coast, Whistling Sands for a brew and a fantastic butty highly recommend the cafe on the front.
An assisted ride back an attempt to catch some fish which failed and on returning to be met by Mike and Adels gang great to see the youngsters playing in the water.
Ga used Mikes Greenland paddle throughout, the sound was quite lively travelling North and he had no problems, also the power and on many occasions I had to up my strokes to keep up with the Formby Stick.

Wow clear seas

Ynys Gwylan bach and fawr in the background

Bardsey in the background

"Ga watch that rock!"

Whistling Sands approaches

Fishing in Bardsey Sound

A layer of mist forming 
Met by Mr Bell

A natuaral

Surf is up dude

Mrs Jones on the water

That,s my girl

A Greenland stick at your age!!!!!

Base Camp for 2 nights


Robert Leaman said...

Wonderful pictures Dave, you seem to have had a great time!

Taran Tyla said...

Very Nice Dave, gotta be one of the best paddles in the UK that :)