Friday, 3 February 2012

Llyn Brenig

Friday off,well its quiet at work so a big decision paddle or walk, some debate but as I,m off to Norway next month on a weeks x country jolly the legs have priority, a tough one because the sea looked so inviting cold but so calm and no winds today. Off I set its about 50 mins away, cold but dry around -3. Got to about 3 miles away when everyone travelling in the opposite direction started waving furiously at me, hey I must be popular. Nope a new Peugeot on its roof and in a mess, several folk had stopped Police called and the driver was walking wounded so like a great citizen I am I zig zagged through the debris...come on priorities what can I do I did,nt have a shovel or any "its feckin icy why did,nt you slow down" advice to give. Brilliant sunshine saw about 10 folks and just under 10 miles excellent, hot chocolate and the biggest orange you have ever seen on its completion.
One advantage today no boggy paths

Fantastic views

Table for two not likely onward and upwards

Not sure what this is it stumped Ga now that's one for the books!

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Taran Tyla said...

Jammy git, that's a crossbill you spotted. aint seen one myself yet :o