Monday, 16 January 2012

Ian,s trip on the Conwy

It started a couple of weeks ago and Mike started the ball rolling for today's outing.So I,m a firm believer in the Lead, Follow or go away type of planning, I was in the follow. Mails came and went and he had organised with Ian to do the Conwy, he,d not done it before and the tides were right. So times sent and I would be there,the night before a call from Mike and he can,t make it but Ian still wants to go so no problems and I met him there. I had that week the first signs of man flu but Ian was travelling some distance so you know what we men do and fight through such! It was a glorious day and the day before the cold snap we were very lucky a great way to introduce Ian to the Conwy River a glorious day and I felt better....ha! till Sunday when it kicked in again.
Conwy Castle
Nearly ready

A sound though!

Lunch spot

Views from our coffee spot

Lovely light the sun got quiet hot

Love the reflections

What a place to live


Taran Tyla said...

I bet the air was fresher out there than in front of my computer, I got a serious wind problem :o

Nice pics by the way ;D

Noel said...

Glad you didn't give in to the dreaded man flu, your photo's look brill. Must try that remedy myself.