Friday, 23 September 2011

More rough,ish playing

High winds forecasted again so with Mike joining us we had two choices, firstly a relative calm and flat paddle on the Colwyn Bay side or once again a play from the West Shore, Mike opted for the second option so off we set.
High winds again and great fun for the first hour when things calmed down and we all looked like blooming…….well helmets and full dry suits as the sea became calm and the sun shone.
Another good session and great for confidence building.
Mike and his own made cedar boat

and then it went calm

Trolley system, ok so we had a walk and he had to cross over some water!

Testing the new dry we don,t do Gortex!

Is that one of the guys from the Incredables movie?

.......and we,ere off

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Dr Blug said...

good pics thanks to you both for an enjoyable afternoon