Thursday, 14 July 2011

An unexpected lumpy day from Rhos on Sea

The forecast showed little wind and lots of sun so on my drive along the prom at Colwyn Bay I was some what surprised to see a very lively sea with loads of clopotis along the prom front.
I was the first at Rhos and on seeing the slipway and the dumping seas I decided not to get the boat off and await the gang.
We launched a short distance away using the beach.
We bounced out of Rhos, to big waves and swells.
It continued and as normal no photos, it eased off just before the Little Orme and we modified the trip and headed for the tip of the Great Orme and then lunch at Llandudno.
Very playful on the corners of the Little and Great Orme, we surfed in and had lunch.
Very sunny but lots of white horses out to sea.
Back in and we saw two paddlers coming in, a quick chat to ascertain that they had come around the Great Orme from the West Shore and from there conversation it sounded as they had an interesting paddle.
Bubbly again of the corner for us, seas in all directions and back in to reflect and be grateful for not getting wet, all in a days kayaking along that great piece of coast.

Launch site
Calm before the bubbly bit

Approaching the Little Orme

Lunch spot

MT launching

The left tip of the headland was well interesting

At last it calmed down so photos taken


Stuart said...

How would you launch a glass boat in lumpy sea then? Suppose it's ok going off a nice sandy beach but it's all rock and pebbles down here. I place it in the shallows sit in and then bring my legs in. Wouldn't be possible in moving water it would just end up tits up or full of water.

soundoftheseagull said...

There very tough and you have to have a few scratches,we sometimes help each other leaving one to fend for themselves at the end.
The classic is you go out and jump in to end of in the water when yes you look up and there is a crowd watching you!