Friday, 8 April 2011

Afternoon paddle, Porth Trecastell to Rhoscolyn Beacons and back

Family commitments over the weekend so with the opportunity to have an early dart from work we made our way to Porth Trecastell on the West side of Anglesey, its generally known as Cable Bay.
Some discussion as to venues as HT was 1400 hrs so some carriage at the end.
Glorious around Llandudno and Colwyn Bay but sea mist obvious on crossing Britannia Bridge, very spooky to see a bottom layer of sea mist covering the whole of the Llyn Peninsula.
Set off and quickly returned those small stones that are placed to jam your skeg which not having much sleep and a manly chesty cough did not go down well.
A pit stop and off we set, the plan was to turn right against the tide, rock hop and come back with the flow.
Just left the bay when we were met by a vertical display from a sea bass which leapt some three feet into the air.
For once the sea was not like oil and there was a great swell, nothing breaking but it looked very impressive.
Lots of mist and not a lot to see hugged the coast near to Rhosneigr and the mist gradually began to clear.
We came into Cymyran Bay which is alongside RAF Valley and had about 40 mins of a one pilot Hawk Jet display and I mean display. (Have I ever told you that I had 4 hours in one of those?)
Lots of aerobatics, upside down etc. and the best bit was when it went vertical, stopped and no engine noise at all as it appeared to drop. We both looked at each other and for a split second assumed the inevitable.jet noise back and the display continued fantastic.
Shortly after the conclusion of the show a couple of private jets took off assumed it was some sort of sales pitch.
The next thing that came into the conversation was our curiosity as to the access for 4 mile bridge which we quickly found and continued up to explore, and yes against the tide but its good training.
Fantastic scenery and we reminisced over Norway.
Back with the tide, a butty and coffee at Silver Bay again with spectacular weather and scenery and off towards Rhoscolyn Beacons, loads of seals on the rocks, we stayed away to save them diving in and paddled back in.
Wow sun and great conditions and its still only April

Just over 15 miles, a fantastic afternoon

A very misty Cable Bay

Coffee spot

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stoney (Martyn) said...

Would you credit it!
I just realised, you were the guys I met as I left the beach at RAF Valley! I was testing the Tahe Marine boat.
Glad you had a good day, I definately did.