Sunday, 9 January 2011

Winter Walk Carnedds

A few firsts for me today, first time in this area, first time I have worn plastic winter boots, a shoe within a boot, started off well very comfortable although they take some getting use to, although my shins did start to hurt a tad at the end, wow what a great feeling on their removal similar to that ski boot sensation.
The other first was getting to the tops to find that our water bottles had partially frozen, the winds were incredibly strong and that chill factor obviously brought the temperature down.
At one stage the winds were so strong they almost blew you off your feet.
A very exhilarating walk in winter conditions, and the last first, first time my Montane extreme kit was used for what it was intended to do great kit.
Starting point and it was cold

The Roman Road

Wild Ponies

Puffin Island in the distance

More local ponies

Hit the snow line very icy and the winds started to pick up

Good job I chose my Montane extreme kit

The brothers grim!

Got there, water bottle out to find it had frozen

All I needed with that bottle was a slice of lemon and some gin it was more like a slush puppy

The camera did'nt do credit to the frozen fence

Winds now picking up must have been gusting in the 50's at some stages difficult to stand

A sunny Ormes in the distance

Bronze Age Standing Stones Ley Line markers

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