Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Conwy to Llanfairfechan, Ormes and back

A Jones brothers paddle, off from Conwy, the wind picked up and we had a slight beam sea that wasn't in the forecast, about 20 minutes later we were on oily seas.
The plan was to go the Llanfairfechan for a cream tea, the cafe was closed so a quick piddle on the sand and off towards the Great Orme, again superb conditions, once at the Orme Ga suggested we bob around to Hornby cave and as normal those types of suggestions have generally led to something but hey calm seas what could happen.
I went into the cave Ga took some snaps and I came out, know a really obscure moment, Ga's at the end of the cave when I see his bow raise up and the stern appears to be sucked under in fact he's in the air and paddling into air.
His face is a picture and shout words to the effect of  "What are you feckin doing"
Next thing he's over, I paddle in and we do a rescue, he's fine and not too cold or wet.
So what happened?
Apparently his stern got jammed into the rocks and he was lodged as the swell came in, we didn't half laugh!
Some lessons learnt, paddle leash Ga didn't have one so I had to go and find them, caution with caves and swell, well you never stop learning.
Some ice still about

A good fitness session and great December conditions.

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