Sunday, 19 December 2010

Carrog gathering

I had visited Gareths the other day and dropped some Christmas presents off as Mum was coming up on Thursday the contingency plan being that on their arrival if the weather closed in and we were unable to get there on the Saturday then gifts were there for them.We had planned a Christmas dinner for that night as Mum is intending to head back this week.As we are all aware the weather did come in although once again Prestatyn escaped the worst, a daily update and although snow at Ga's the lane was passable by 4x4.We made our way up and the road conditions up to Ruthin were fine followed by some stints with tracks within the road, we parked by the railway station and awaited collection.Turkey crown in the oven so off for a walk,and what a difference a couple of days make, very cold and the chill factor with the wind burning your face.....face ah yes two new woolen balaclavas bought so early Christmas presents for myself and Ga one modelled by Rhian. Nearly full moon with spectacular light on the snow covered ground. Back to prepare the lunch, brush off the icicles from Tara, some bubbly,beers,wine and port.
We managed to get back to the car this morning to a -9 Mum and Pete are now trapped as their car is up there, mmmm forward planning the lane is impassable by 2 wheel drive who knows they could be there for Christmas after all

Saw 4 Robins together and so close, quiet unusual I assumed they were very territorial

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