Monday, 11 October 2010

MTJ's Menai 18 maiden voyage

Mark has recently become the proud owner of 2 Rockpool Kayaks, an Alaw and the Menai 18.
It’s a reward for his abstinence from smoking.
We’d been out in the Alaw so now it was the turn of the Menai, the plan was to go from the West Shore Llandudno and well keep going and return on the tide.
The sun shone and as we prepared the Easterly winds picked up, on launching we surfed up to the corner of the Orme.
It was also fairly clear from some distance away that the inward flow was catching the strong winds making that corner as per normal interesting.
I suggested we dip our toes in to have a look as sometimes it can be clear further round.
The seas were big and with swell, clapotis and wind over tide although Mark stated he was happy to follow it seemed too much for a maiden voyage and also safety in numbers.
The winds had picked up and we headed back to the Estuary sorry we tried to head back in.
Good practise for beam seas and generally just the right hand paddle doing the work.
We tried to zig zag and eventually arrived into the cover of Conwy harbour for lunch.
A great fitness session and Mark was also excited as the corner paddle was his biggest seas to date.
A great opportunity to see the Menai in action and good to play as well with the skegs in such strong winds.
So although our objectives had not been met and we had done a tactical retreat it was worth the effort to get out and make the most of the conditions.

Menai 18 and GT

I name this kayak....and God Bless all who....

Lunch spot

An uninvited guest for lunch

Conwy my home town

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