Friday, 25 June 2010

Conwy Paddle and Johns Scorpio trials

John works shifts so he was free today and had been asking to try out the Scorpio, the tides were right so we opted for a very leisurely paddle up the Conwy river.
Some adjustments to pegs I had his Capella and off we set.
Loads of birds about and there,s an abundance of Herons nests and the birds as you launch in fact there are loads of Herons all along the river.
Also saw numerous Egrets and three Buzzards not sure what the set up is there, whether its young etc
Ducks and chicks about, I love there evasion tactics they dive for cover whilst the parents come close for the threatened attack.
Paddled up a small cut towards the Dollgarog power station and had a very pleasant lunch.
Back to base and John was sold on the Scorpio whilst I found that I have been spoilt for far too long on smooth, fast and great Rockpool boats.

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