Sunday, 11 April 2010

Conwy to Puffin

I had been for a walk around the Ormes on the previous day and it had been glorious weather.
Looking out to see I could see Puffin Island and how the crossing looked so inviting.
Although with our entertainment plans for Saturday evening it would mean travelling back against the tide but that did,nt put us off. A glorious day with a tired but satisfying feeling on completion. back home boat off, bathed and out guess who was tired and irritable after a few well deserved pints,!On my arrival at the Beacons car park I was some what surprised to see loads of kayak's I initially though the Conwy accent was on.I soon saw some familiar faces and it was a gathering of the NWSK's
NWSK's setting off
Setting off with Puffin Island in the distance some mist about another 9 miles before we landed for lunch
Loads of birds about and we stayed for a short time in the feeding flight path, what a pleasure to see many Puffins about and see them landing and going into their nesting sites

On reaching the NW corner we came across the usual residents looks like there was a game of footie about to take place
A stitched photo from our lunch spot

We waved at these folks on the North West side of the Island they asked if we'd seen any Puffins Ga duly advised and reported re our experiences and the location, the snap was taken as we left after lunch they had come around clockwise, I assume it was a family what a fabulous way to introduce kids to the wonders of the seas

Travelling from Puffin towards the Orme we had some wind and also the remaining two hours of the tide in our faces, although bouncy we appeared to be making progress after a relatively short time and coming into the estuary it all changed again.
Coming back in although we had seen the buoys we over shot slightly and had to turn back to get into deeper waters well only a 2 min walk in shallow water.On the approach are the famous mussel beds and for the first time I witnessed the gulls taking up shell fish into the sky and dropping them in an attempt to break the shells.

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