Monday, 17 August 2009

Conwy evening paddle

Dave Fletcher rang to say he was meeting Claire CL as she was testing the Rockpool GT over the weekend and they had planned to launch from Dafarch 1030 Sunday. The winds were showing gusts of up to 35 mph so I was some what reluctant to commit.
Likewise Ga had company over on Saturday and he was unable to do the am start. With such I declined and Ga and I had the option to do a later paddle, the winds were allegedly dieing down.
The seas looked wild from Prestatyn and after a call to Dave he briefed me on his exploits with Claire.They launched from Rhoscolyn and apparently had some big seas with Dave getting wet from high bracing, mmmmmmmmmmm good choice.
We looked at many options but decided to do a late one and opted for an old favourite, its an annual pilgrim and we did the Conwy river. High tide for 2011 so there was no big rush, it does,nt start to turn for at least an additional hour some 10 miles up.A paddle to the quay to check out the crowds ect to come across two RNLI guys dragging a young child from the water,it appeared she fell from the quay side which is some height. Passed up apparently uninjured but wet and Ga recovered a shoe. Excitement over and off we set.Oh yes my maiden paddle in a recently acquired mint conditioned P&H Scorpio well you can never have enough boats. Really comfortable, stable but easy to edge and turn highly recommend if your going for plastic.
Ga paddled it back and I can say that getting into the Alaw was a great way to compare boats.The Scorpio is a great boat but the Alaws are fantastic. The Scorpio is a second boat to try and encourage others and for rock hopping. Landed just after 2300 hrs a great paddle 21 miles and paddling at nigh was a great experience.

Saw loads of Egrets mainly in this wooded area and then a pair further up the river.

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