Saturday, 22 August 2009

Cemaes Bay

I had the opportunity to paddle today in relation to the window in the weather and likewise a pass from Mags.
My only complication was on Friday I had no one to go with, Ga was preparing for his daughters christening and the rest were engaged.I checked the trips section on the North West Sea kayakers forum to see that Mary was planning a paddle on the North side of the Island, after a call the plan was to meet at Cemaes Bay for 1000.
Now although that sounded familiar having passed it on many occasions it was a venue I'd never launched from, arrived early to a glorious sunny day with a couple on horse back.
Met Mary, Rosie and Vince. We set off and it was a spring tide apparently the biggest one this year, some swell and flows and a good opportunity to settle into the Scorpio. Lunch at the brick works and whilst paddling back we came across a pod of Porpoise they are a familiar site in this area, there were four and they came so close I could hear the blow holes, also lots of Gannets and on rock hopping a kestrel.
Arrived back to a very busy beach a different scene from this morning.Looks like this could have been Summer.

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