Thursday, 18 June 2009

St Bees Cumbria

I had posted a topic on UKRG some time ago requesting some guidance regarding Jim who I occasionally work with in Sellafield. He was interested in getting out on the water so the post was headed "Newbies in Whitehaven."
I had a few replies regarding clubs but one PM from Barry who also worked on site and lived locally.
He was enthusiastic to offer Jim and his wife a taster session and as yet Jim is to contact Barry in order to arrange such.
We exchanged a few mails and by chance I was up this week and staying on the coast, again his kindness was endless and he offered his wife's boat for use and we arranged to paddle Tuesday night going from St Bees to Whitehaven and back.
A lovely evening although the weather had broke and there was a slight wind.
The battery eating GPS monster conked out but on memory map I calculated it was just under 13 miles.
Great to get into different boats and likewise meet new folk.
Barry also gave me a history of the various land marks and after a small tour in Whitehaven harbour we returned back to St Bees.
A great paddle and also an opportunity to meet a gentleman.
Many thanks Barry and I look forward to repaying your kindness when you visit North Wales.
We had chosen the right evening as the following day brought high winds and rain.
Who says its all work and no play???

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