Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Windy Ormes

I arrived at the West Shore at Llandudno to see some kite surfers getting ready to launch so there was a clue as to the wind conditions.
It was planned to be a pleasant evening paddle.
Mike launched and bobbed about whilst I joined him and Ga.
It was choppy but recently with some practise and paddling conditions I appear to have settled in such conditions, I had nothing registered on the anxiety levels.
In fact it was pleasurable and we hull slapped along going around the headland.
As per normal near to apply named the Devil Rocks the wave size both increased and became confused due to clapotis.
We were pushed along and Mike did a display of his surfing skills.
Loads of Gannets about and we had a completely different paddle with oily waves taking us towards Llandudno.
I can though recall that as we were within that confused and lumpy corner that my mind went ahead a few hours to our return as we would then have wind over tide, mmmm!
We headed back and on seeing the bay prior to Hornby cave the wind kicked in, it was gusting and at one point I had to grab the paddle with some force.
It was then an uphill paddle against the wind and as we turned from Hornby cave the seas and wind became stronger, at one stage Mike would go out of site being on the other side of the waves.
The sea conditions were not my concern but the winds, and looking at the corner it looked wild, together with the fact that we could have had some big seas on our beams as we paddled back to the West shore I suggested the easier option of going back to Llandudno and walking for the cars.
The guys were supportive although I think the fact I'd turned about and shouted I'm f'in off helped.
You initially feel as if your letting the team down but knowing the guys they made nothing of it and Mike even reassured me and well it was my issue not theres.
Back again into another world of no winds and that's just some two hundred or so meters away, unbelievable that you are in the same area.
Back in to Llandudno a relatively short walk back to the cars a shuttle and home for 2230.
The Ormes although local and paddled regularly can always throw up a challenge.
The launch area was scanned and I was hoping for big crashing waves...........not but still choppy it would have been achievable hey hoy!

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