Monday, 4 May 2009

The Alternative Dafarch gathering

We decided to have a gathering which coincided with the Anglesey Symposium, in fact our camp site was directly next door to the venue.
Ga and I met at 1200 on Friday at Port Dinowic as it was our plan to paddle along the Straits as there is generally some cover from the winds and paddle down to Bangor.
Heavy rain combined with high winds put a stop to those plans so off to Holyhead to see all at Rockpool and grab a brew.
The weather improved and later that afternoon the sun shone and we pitched up the tent.
Off for a walk and to take in the spectacular views of the seas at Dafarch, it was blowing a hooley and there were some big seas out there.
Later that afternoon Ga and I ventured out into the bay for play and a great method to improve ones confidence in such seas.
Back for tea and a few beers.
Mike, Ade, Dave and Roger had arrived and we had a most pleasant evening.
The following day we had planned to have a lenghty paddle but again the seas and winds altered such plans.
We had a play and tried various boats and Mike took me out in the NDK double what a boat definitely the way to tour.
It turned out to be a good afternoon followed by a BBQ and yes more beers, and yes Mike had been offered a Cetus in Kevlar at a bargain price decisions decisions.
Sunday came up and out to the stalls picked up some bargains and off home to sober up.
A boys weekend where paddling became secondary to company with an opportunity to enhancing some skills.
These had just came out of the cocoon amazing site and the vegetation nearby had been stripped by their ferocious appetite.John Willacey and the New Rockpool GT

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