Friday, 3 April 2009

Rockpool GT day out

An opportunity to try out the brand new Rockpool GT, and also to save on time and carriage I asked if we could also use the Menai.
Launched on a glorious morning at Dafarch with the sun trying to get through the mist.
Left for Rhoscolyn and we were away.
Immediately it was apparent that this was a completely different boat and the first thing I noticed was the seat.
It’s a new design on a comparison with a car it’s very similar to a bucket style seat.
There was no padding on the sides but it was snug and you felt part of the boat.
Its slimmer than the Alaws and having a play in the shallows the edging ability was fantastic.
Without very little effort you were in the 3rd stages with the spray deck well below the water line.
That’s also amazing as it appears to sit higher in the water than the Alaws.
Calm waters for the first half and it felt so responsive and also a slight contradiction stable.
A steady platform for picture taking with no concerns at all.
The other feature was the boats speed, although unable to compare it to the Alaws it certainly matched the Menai which I thought was fast and I would say it was again faster than that
Lunch at Rhoscolyn and no comments made re my impression as I did not want to influence Ga.
We changed over and he immediately shouted over singing its praises and particularly to its edging and how it was a brand new feeling compared to our Alaws.
Off for a play near to Rhoscolyn and an obvious change in the sea conditions.
The wind had picked up and my initial impression it was due to the flows at this area, wrong!
Ga had a play between the Islands and off we went.
The sea state then picked up and we were into breaking waves.
It certainly hadn’t been forecasted and we paddled back across the bay.
It’s been one of the most demanding paddles for me for some time and I was happy to be in the Menai.
It’s completely different to the GT and having paddled it before it gives you so much confidence as it so stable even in poor conditions.
The GT looked well and Ga was lapping up the conditions as he does.
Beam seas and breaking waves with good swells doesn’t encourage me to get the camera out.
Another big difference was how the GT cut through the waves as I bounced along with the occasional hull slap, at one stage I passed Ga and the resulting splash from the Menai covered him!
A couple of big waves appeared and although not some seemed with the swell like a large wall.
Around the corner to see the welcoming sand of the beach.
Great to try both boats and a unanimous vote from the Jones boys for the GT.
Responsive, fast ,play full but with the ability to carry a load for those multi day trips.
So I need to decide on a colour…..Margaret!!!!!!
As we landed a couple of guys arrived and were getting reading to launch one was an instructor, Ga discussed the conditions which looking at the sea line there appeared to be little in waves within the bay.
We watched as the launched and appeared to then take into account how deceiving it was especially as you got out of the bay, certainly an afternoon for learning some new techniques.
It was not long before they returned to the shelter on Dafarch.

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