Saturday, 18 April 2009

Johns maiden voyage

It was Johns maiden voyage, we worked together and I have many fond memories regarding his professionalism, humour and dedication.
We got together on Facebook and he had mentioned that he had a desire to sea kayak. the next thing I knew was that he had purchased some kit and he was raring to go.
We met along with Emlyn and Gethyn at Cable Bay the initial plan to head for Lladdwyn Island for lunch and back.
The wind picked up a bit Easterlies and poor John had some short choppy waves on his beam, we altered course and headed inland for lunch.
Glorious out of the wind than back home but a stop at the Church for another brew and back to Cable Bay. The wind had increased throughout the day but in fairness a good paddle for Johns first time out on the sea.
Loads of kayaks about the most I have ever seen.

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