Friday, 17 October 2008

Dinorwic to Bangor Pier and return

It’s been a while since we had paddled on the Swellies I think it was when Mike took us down and we did some breaking in and outs along with some ferry gliding.
We had a play as we had shot down there with the flow of the tide.
Did some ferry gliding which appeared hard work but we ended up at our destinations.
It’s a strange feeling that sense of not having control as the whirl pools and flows pick you up and take you in all directions.
Your one minute bombing along with the flow of the tide when next thing you hit a flow that’s starts to take you back!
Likewise those whirl pools in fact one caught me out and I ended up fairly surprised, paddled along when suddenly on my right a huge circle of water appeared and spurted out blowing like a shell landing.
Good fun and again something different, likewise we pondered as the wind picked up what it would be like in such a strong flow with wind over tide, short waves with loads of hull slapping and salty spray decks and faces.
Still loads to learn about the mysteries of the Straits, one thing you don’t get much cover from the wind with a SW it travels straight down.
Wind over tide on the way back making it slightly choppy and a ride through the swellies max speed 10.5 mph!

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