Friday, 3 October 2008

Alwen walk

The winds were extremely high on Friday and although we had a pass out and the opportunity to paddle the weather took care of that particular option.
I had been working this week, OK three days but still, and Ga had been working as Dad permanently so he was enthusiastic about getting out irrespective it not being on water.
We planned the evening before and Alwen Reservoir our old favourite was selected.
We hadn’t been there for many months and it appears to be slipping into an Autumn/Winter training programme venue.
Met at 1030 Ga brought Tara along and off we set, map in hand this time and we decided to lengthen it slightly and travel further west and try to lengthen it slightly.
It thankfully remained dry although we had a smattering and there was also evidence on snow/hail on the ground in shaded areas.
Came across a new herd of cattle and also some fungi actually growing on the branches of the trees!
Great to get out, the summer has definitely gone now with cold NW winds rattling down the waters.

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