Monday, 7 July 2008

Manchester night out

To Mike and Vanessa's on Saturday, we decided to head for the City lights and had a great evening on the town.

After a few beers we headed for the Chinese buffet, it was really busy on our arrival but after a short time it soon calmed down.

Loads of Chinese folks eating in there so always a good sign.

Although a conveyor belt of food the quality was excellent, thanks Mike he picked up the tab.

Off to Canal street and a quick drink in the Gay Village.

We got rudely escorted out of the Rembrandt pub and the doorman took an instant dislike to me.

We had the classic face to face stand off, stupid as we had nearly drunk up.

Reason.... we were not gay men and had to leave that part of the bar.

Off for a walk, tram ride, train and back to Mike and Vanessa's, a buzzin night as they say.

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