Friday, 11 July 2008


The plan was to have a long paddle on the North East side of Anglesey, Church Bay down to Benlech.
We had a pass out and Mags was out to a school do so I was fine.
Contact made with Gavin so it was a part Scotland reunion.
Arrived at Benlech and it was clear that the wind had started; it was shown at 17, trolleys left at home again!
Portage in stages to the water and off up the coast, oh yes we had decided not to do the A to B so we had the last of the tide and the plan was to take it easy and come back on the tide.
Up and onwards towards Moelfre and it was already choppy, we thought that once the incoming came in and with the wind behind it would flatten out, wrong.
The swell picked up and Gareth commented that on some occasions we lost sight of Ynys Moelfre, together against the wind it was OK but not a walk in the park.
The white water could clearly be seen between the Island and headland and with the increase in wind and sea state we took the decision to go into Moelfre for a brew, a quick re-assessment due to the high beam waves we tactically withdrew back to Benlech.
The swell and waves behind now and not one of my favourite positions, I looked right at Gavin and he was at the bottom of the swell for a split second his boat seemed engulfed by it, that was confirmed by some swearing or praying and Gavin paddled on.
He had been convinced that a day hatch had blown off and the boat had been swamped no wonder he swore!
A short time later and some calmer waters, camera out and we were able to reflect and laugh, Gavin had done the death grip and had cramp in his hand, I had experienced the Elvis shaking leg which I must confess was a feeling that I had not experienced for some time, “all shook up” the nervous shaking!
Nearing shore it was evident that the wind was still up so we decided to have a play.
What a great afternoon about three hours playing in the surf and gaining loads of confidence.
Drove home buzzing, 7 miles but irrelevant we even practised some rescues out in the waves and swell.
Got very wet still no dry suit but that’s another tale.
Great to see Gavin out again.

Do we have trolleys..yes at home!!!

Gavin after the death grip

Ga's white bottom!!

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