Friday, 30 May 2008

Benlech to Eilian and return

Gareth had commitments over the weekend, village carnival and its being led by Rhiannon on her pony so we grabbed the opportunity to go today.
Looked at the tides and decided to go from Benlech, Anglesey and go up the Island.
The tide was due to change at 1300 so we could then return with it and the winds which were low.
A warm, if not at the end sweltering day with flat oily seas.
I must confess the calm waters didn’t suit me at first and took some getting used to.
Loads of seals and pups on Ynys Dulas and then off to Porth Eilian, saw a Porpoise off Point Lynas, we had seen one in the same spot last year, there is an over fall there which going was nonexistent.
It picked up a tad on the return journey and we had a short play.
Lunch and then we headed initially for Amlwch, we had by then done 10 miles, it was getting hotter so I recommended an about turn and we set off back for Benlech.
Loads of jet skis and power boats about, which reminded us why we should not visit this coastline until after the hols.
With paddling all year you get a bit selfish and expect to see no one, oh yes saw a lone paddler going out of Eilian, waved but for some reason no response.
Stopped at Dulas well away from the birds and seals, removed various articles of clothing a brew and then back.
It didn’t seem like 20 miles but the heat certainly made it a different paddle.
Loads on the beach back at Benlech many who had never discovered sun cream, packed a brew at the café and home.

Ynys Dulas

Lunch stop Porth Eilian

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I think you'd get a kick out of this video showing what it can be like to go for a paddle on the coast just outside of Vancouver.