Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Initial plan was for Tuesday as the winds looked low, guys unable to make it so Wednesday was sent out to all.
Meeting at 1600 Penryhn Bay and planned to paddle to the Big Ormes.
Only Mike free and the winds were shown as increasing in the afternoon to 16 mph.
Arrived at the launch area and the winds had started also aware that on the return leg we would combine the classic of wind over tide.
But hey there was glorious sunshine, launched and immediately aware that the wind was carrying us and the wind against the tide towards to the corner of the Little Orme, there was a good flow, surfed through and tucked in towards the cliffs, some gusts coming and swirling down, along with clapotis and a swell.
Decided to land at Llandudno in anticipation of the slog back and likewise the conditions around the Big Orme.
A quick brew and butty, a conversation with an interested guy on the beach, possibly another convert and off we went.
Wind and waves in our face with some gusts, paddles low and white horses evident on the corner of the Little Orme.
Hit it and away we went, loads of hull slapping, waves and spray in our faces, looked at Mike and his Quest was flying, looked good and cut through the waves well.
What a buzz it was worth it just for the small roller coaster ride.
Took my new Garmin GPS out, Colorado 300, birthday present from …
Battery packed in on the way back!
Must use the new rechargeables, not many action photos well under the conditions you prioritise so some snaps in the sheltered areas.
A short paddle with loads of learning again.

My new toy

Calmer seas well untill you get to the headland!

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