Monday, 17 March 2008

Conwy Morfa paddle

A gathering of the Norway trip gang.
Ga, Mark and Ian, Ga had not met Ian before and also Ian and Mark had not been out on the water for a while.
Mark last went out with us on Boxing Day whilst it was late last year for Ian.
All three had the school run so time was tight; we decided that it would be an opportunity to have a play out in the Conwy estuary.
It always has a good chop and likewise the winds were for a change Easterly, as a result a little bit cooler but the sun shone.
We met and launched from Conwy Morfa, good parking and a slip way to the water, ideal access irrespective of the tide state it’s not a mega carry even at low tide.
Out on the water for 1030 we managed to make for the Great Orme, winds picked up and Mark had the weather cocking frustration!
His skeg cable is u/s and needs to be repaired.
Ian settled in well his Sea King appears to sit high up and no doubt will be assisted when laden.
Up to the far right and we could both feel and see that the sea state was changing, it always does on that corner, big swell and loads of hull slapping.
Both appeared relaxed but there was no point in travelling right towards Hornby cave, waves and breaking white water.
We headed towards Penmaeamawr, another sensation for them swell and waves behind the boats.
Always unnerving at first it feels as if they will pick you up.
Ian had one little wobble and soon recovered settling back into it.
We then turned about again and practised with wind and waves on alternative bows.
A small walk having been caught out on the sand banks a very low tide, landed for a brew and butties on the Morfa and then back to base, still a flow from the river so head down and a good slog up to the finish.
All happy, no one wet and some red faces from the sun.

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