Sunday 1 October 2023

Isle Of Seil Tour

 Our September Scotland Tour, it has been historically a Jones sister gathering.

With various circumstances and to introduce some friends to both Scotland and canoe paddling the group was increased, with Alan, Yoz and Mark included.

We travelled up on Friday the 23 September 2023 taking two kayaks and one canoe.

The forecast looked grim with very high winds and rain.

Saturday was a break with summer conditions, anything after that was a bonus.

So Saturday Ga and I took to the kayaks, assisted the guys with the canoe and they were off.

Eventually caught them up, fabulous conditions and a very quick learning curve for mark in the Captains seat.

A fabulous day.

Our accommodation for the week

The forecast was fairly accurate although we managed several walks and two more paddles

Saturdays outing-----

Our local bunnies

The rain stopped in the afternoon so a drive out to opposite the Isle of Easdale where a few days ago they had the National Skimming Championships.
With over 350 competitors.
Taking into account the very small ferry, a boat of a max of 12 would have been a busy time for all.

After the visit Ga and I walked back

Suns up!

A drive out, this time a stop at the end of Ardfern

A stop at the Old Chapel near Kirkton, and the onwards to Kilmarin to see the Standing Stones, the Circles and Chambers

A great week, and having the pub next door helped, just a few Tenants hic!

We managed to grab three paddles, some walks and sightseeing.

Although some rain and very high winds it didn't stop the fun.

Many thanks to all and of course the Chef You, we ate like Admirals, thanks You!

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